If you have an account with PayPal, Authorize.Net or CCBills you can start collecting online orders immediately..

If you wish to integrate with any other payment systems or sms processors, you can use our free Pay-Per-View API

  • Flexible Pay-Per-View Ticket Options

Choose what and for how long your viewers purchase your videos

  • Single Ticket

Sell videos individually with the "Single Ticket".

  • Playlist Ticket

Sometimes you may want to sell access to group of videos. Using the "Playlist Ticket" a buyer can pay once and watch videos from the same playlist / category.

  • Global Ticket

If you have multiple playlists on separate pages, you may wish to offer a "Global Ticket" that provides access to all of yours Pay-Per-View videos.

  • Advanced Ticket Options

Create your own ticket options based on time and usage restrictions.


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