You can generate discount codes to pass to your viewers or as promotions. The discount code system allows you to choose the expiry period of the code as well as total usage times and the amount of discount in %. It's great for attracting new clients as well as passing incentives to existing customers.

  • Orders and Reporting

Manage and track your Pay-Per-View ticket orders

  • Orders are shown immediately

You can see the date and time of each order including the full name, email & IP address of each user that has purchased a ticket.

PPV Video Order Management

You can suspend access on the fly to already provided passwords and that will immediately deny the access to that password holder. You can also modify the ticket restrictions or resend password to users.

Ticket & Password Statistics

Are you wondering which videos your buyers have watched and are interested in? Such valuable information is provided to you so you can see each view and the viewer's ip address, date, time, city, region and country.

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